Monday, August 31, 2009

Moi Cree, Neo

It's an event for UOB Ladies' Club, my friend ask me to go along to this Wacoal fashion show they have during the weekend at the Parkson Gurney. Before i went, i believe most of us, gals will have a mindset that Wacoal designs suits more 'mature' ladies.
And and surprisingly, i guess a lot of the ladies that day were fascinated by the new series design called 'Moi Cree', neo..

Before the fashion show starts, we have teatime which they catered from the Manila Place..the food served was quite nice...:p

Then, here they come, all tall & slim ladies with the new design, nice...

They also have lucky draw during the event, however, my friend & i did not get it..hmmm...

It was not bad after all, as we have doorgifts given by the Wacoal, organized by UOB people.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gelatissimo – The Real Taste of Italia

First of all, thanks to Jason and Gill for this special arrangement to give us an opportunity to have better understanding of gelatos. Don’t be surprise a lot of people still doesn’t know much about gelatos unlike Australia-origin country, that why I’m actually very excited when I was invited to this as I get the chance to learn about it and then I’ll be able to share it with my friends about the benefit of gelatos.

There's promotion for now:

The process looks easy, all ingredients mix together and put all of it in the chamber for heating first.When it goes up to certain temperature, it’ll then go thru freezing process with a control temperature, and there it comes, the gelato.
Wow, we get to try the freshly made gelato, it was mouth watering, so heavenly, the gelatos has really smooth textures and compact.

The below 2 attractive gelatos photos is from Mr Hong, thanks to him also for providing us a lot of informations.

These days, lots of people will go for more healthy diet. Yeah, this is it...Gelatos actually has less fat content and it’s more healthy compared to ice cream. Ice-cream uses air to pump-out the ice-cream, thus it felt more creamier & not so dense. For gelatos, it needed special freezer to be able to keep the freshness unlike ice-cream. Gelato has shorter lifetime compared to ice-cream which can actually keep for months.

You'll know the differences, go try it & you shall know..

We get to try out the Affogato which is Espresso with gelatos on top. Cooling aromatic espresso just 'drowned' me, I like this even though I’m actually not into espresso…But the combination is just good. My advice to the coffee lover, try this…

Next, we had mango milk shake, it has different kind of feeling, this is fruity, juicy…..And I got to know that a friend of mine love this, she used to have this in Australia-Gelatissimo a few years back..and she tried this Mango Milk Shake here in Penang recently, and she just said ‘Yes, it’s just great. It has just the same taste as before, I remember this taste’…

Hope more and more Malaysian will learn about gelatos and will have positive feedback to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to meiyi, most of the photos here are from her..

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant and Bar

It was the Penang Floggers 4th Gathering. I followed my friend to join them for the first time. Once we arrived, we were welcomed by all the friendly floggers. Started with ice-breaking session and had a good chat among the floggers around. We have opening speech by Alan, the organizer for this gathering & then we waited for a while for all the maincourse to come.
It was then all placed on the table & all camera were then focused on it. It’s a normal thing that floggers will take nice nice photos of the delicious food served.
The dinner started quite late, as usual started with soup, I had the Mushroom soup served with ‘vintage’ garlic bread. I actually like the signature garlic bread which has some cheese topping.

There’s another option, the Seafood Soup- tasted like ‘sharkfin soup with slices of carrot’.
My maincourse came the last, coz of huge crowd; they missed my order for the traditional roasted Pork Djolan…The portion is real ‘giant’size...the first quarter of the meal, I enjoyed it…however, it tends to become a bit salty for me...
Thanks to Ken for the photos capture that night, coz my lousy camera cannot capture nice photos..Thanks a lot Ken..:)

Before the dessert came, we had cakes intro by Dennis Yeap from Winter Butterfly Homemade Cake, you can also order online thru this webpage:- tried Cream Cheese Mousse Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake and Chocolate Brownie..I like the Cream Cheese Mousse Cake amongst the 3...

And Gelatissimo came as well, we has the tasting session & I like the belgian chocolate, green tea and the mango. There were other flavours like berry piviova and rum & raisin as well. I was very very full then…

hmmm, end up I just had 3 scoops of my dessert - choc crème brulee..gosh, I felt so bad that I couldn’t finish it. The crème brulee was a bit too sweet for me…
Last came our coffee which has actually turned cold as the creamer and sugar unable to blend in it. I just had a sip or two of it only…

We enjoyed ourselves there, chatting with new friends there. Thanks to Alan.
And guess what, we were the last few to leave the restaurant.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KhunTai@Permatang Tengah,Butterworth

I would highly recommend you all to go try out the delicious Thai food here at Permatang Tengah, Butterworth…this is my second time there…
I heard that the response was really good & the business has expanded, the boss bought the raw land & extended the restaurant. And it has spacious car park too.
It was raining heavily when we arrived, the restaurant worker offered umbrella to us, this is an extra credit that customer would give.
We ordered Seafood Tomyam, Otak-otak, Jelly Noodle with Crab, Steam Fish with Thai sytle, Kangkung with belacan, Deep Fried Squid.

The tomyam has just the right taste, it’s hot, spicy & sour..Yum yum..and next is the Jelly Noodle, the pepper and the sauce absorbed thoroughly in the jelly noodle, I just love it plus the fresh steam crab which I believe it’s cooked together with the jelly noodle; it has the aroma of the pepper & the sauce as well. Never forget to order the Steam Fish; it’s a must dish you must order if you go there, it’s really fresh, this time we order the Thai style sauce which is very sour & a bit spicy...
The coconut drink was nice too, there’s a nice aroma too, I guess it’s roasted. That’s why it’s different from what we had in other kopitiam. My parents like it very much..
We had a great time there, worth to drive all the way from Pg Island...;p

Danai Spa@Tanjung Bunga

Thanks to my friend for giving me the cash voucher for Danai Spa. It’s just the correct timing for me for me to rest and relax…after hectic weeks of working late and working hard…
I just need to pamper myself sometimes, and I asked my friend along with me…
We took the Favourite Treats which has special discount at RM195(Usual price RM230) for 2 hrs 30mins. As we understand, this is the oldest favourite package among guests consisting a massage, a scrub and a bath.
*90mins Danai Signature or Aromatherapy Massage RM130
*Any 40mins Scrub worth RM 60
*Any20mins Bath Worth RM 40
First stage, we had our foot bath. Then, we went to the pool for a short while before we headed to the Jacuzzi. At the Jacuzzi pool, we were served with a cup of green tea & biscuits, and of course, we enjoyed warm water massaging our back & enjoyed the scenery there as well..

After about 20mins, we went to our massage room named ‘Balinese’,and as expected the whole room were all decorated with Balinese style. They played nice, very soothing, relaxing music in it..It's fantastic, I would say.... we found that the next door room is ‘English’ style, I managed to
capture the photo of the room..nice.. :)

I did really enjoyed the 90mins of massage, yes, the therapist has really good skill. Then, followed by a scrub, I chose Ginger Salt Glow. The salt they use are sea salt, so, you can imagine the feeling during scrubbing, a bit uneasy coz it’s really rough. Plus the sound of the scrubbing, you’ll be like ‘ouch, ouch, ouch!!’ ..however, the final effect after that was all worth it….
My friend chose the Java Lulur Scrub which is meant for detoxification purposes…it has those herbs aroma, it was indeed a good one though….
Final one, it’s the bath, we had the ‘Muscle Ease Salt Soak’, yes, this is definitely suitable for me. Coz my shoulder aches for sometime already…
Overall, the service was good, the therapists were friendly, and had good massage skills-this is an important point..

It was a worth one after all & meet my expectation…yes, I would recommend you all to go….
It has other packages as well; Ayurveda package, Ultimate Heaven Elemental Facial & Body Well Being. I heard that there’s this Hawaiian Kahuna Massage which is highly recommended too…
Beside Spa, they also had facial, perfect body contour program & beauty treatments-eye treatment, make-up, waxing services & professional nail treatment.

Business hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm
103,Tanjung Bunga Park, 11200 Penang. Tel: 04-8990899

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

I went again to Times Square with my gal friends for a gathering. This time, i tried Tsuruya for the 1st time; although it has one in i-Avenue for sometime already.
Overall, the food were delicious. We ordered the Bento sets- Unagi Set, Katsu Curry Set, Black Pepper Steak Set. Look at the food here, isn't it tempting.
Some of us got tempted with the salad that they saw in the menu, it’s just too attractive-Salmon Salad & the Spicy Tofu Soup as well…The 1st scoop of the spicy tofu…Wow, for those super spicy lover, you'll sure love this.
It was indeed a satisfied meal of my day.Yum yum….Service was good too.
We had a good time there, enjoyed chatting there as well.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Results of the Peace Run 2009

It was raining heavily & strong wind at around 640a.m. when we reached Scotland Rd.; we were thinking, maybe the organizer will cancelled it. However, when we reached Youth Park, the rain stop; just drizzling… so, there we go, we parked our car & walked to the registration area.
We started running at 745a.m.; not actually running at the starting point due to the crowd. We just started to run when we on the street. Yes!! I was indeed quite satisfied with my results, I finished the run in around 45 minutes.And of course, we got the certificate.

Free flow of SunTonic Isotonic drink after that. We were just hanging around there wanted to wait for the lucky draw event. We gave up after waited for almost 2 hr for the final lucky draw to start but it didn't. Gees..I missed my DimSum that morning. End up we had our lunch. :(

Friday, August 7, 2009

Peace Run 2009

This is an event to create mutual respect among individuals of different race, age and also those with different abilities to build a stronger bond among Malaysians for a peaceful Malaysia.
And yes...I'm going for Peace Run this Sunday morning & I’m just looking at the route map now….and worst still, i did not do any exercise recently,no hiking, no jogging.
At least, if i had done it, it'll build up some stamina…
Yes, even though it’s only 6km run…
Hmmm…Let’s just see what’s gonna happen to ME…

The Organizer for this is Service Civic International (SCI)
Time/Date: 7.30 a.m. / 9 Aug 09
Venue: Youth Park


The question now is 'If it's raining on Sunday, do i still wanna go or juz go back to sleep.....?'