Saturday, September 17, 2011

SiTigun at Nagore Street, Penang

After having a great time by the pool, we went to Si Tigun for a coffeebreak. I just knew that it moved to another shop in the same street. Now, it's situated directly opposite the Continental Bakery.

I like SiTigun concept they have with those wooden chairs n tables. I have the feeling of having a nice coffee in those old classic has those distinctive architecture of the Peranakan culture.
You will sure feel relax and it's a great choice if you would like to have a nice place for friends or even family members for a good chitchat place...
Moreover, the lady boss were very friendly and the waiter are quite alert upon attending to our requests.

Our initial intention is to have the Tiramisu cake here. But, to our disapointment, the last Tiramisu cake was reserved by their customer...

However, they have nice coffee brew as well. I had the Cappuccino, so aroma..
We wouldn't want to miss any good cakes SiTigun serves there.
Thus, we ordered the Chocolate Mousse and also the Apple Pie with Vanilla ice-cream.
The Apple pie was so origin, it has a lot of apple fillings in it. The pastry was a bit crispy and hard mixed with the soft apple filling...It was a splendid combination with warm pie and cool ice-cream..Yum yum :p

I will sure go again for the Tiramisu cake on my next visit to SiTigun.

Found this from their website, their motto :
'A cup of coffee is a cup of culture. A cup of respect. A cup of love.'

They do serves food and drinks like :

  • espresso
  • cappuccino
  • cafĂ© au lait / latte
  • coffee mocca
  • crash coffee (known as kopi toebroek in Indonesia or Turkish)
  • siTigun regular coffee (robusta)
  • siTigun ice blended coffee (known as Sicilian ice blended coffee)
  • clay-pot tea (known as teh poci in Indonesia)
  • jasmine tea
  • fresh squeezed orange or apple juice
  • gujahe (traditional Javanese ginger tea with palm sugar)

Fresh from oven(homemade):

  • tiramisu(original recipe)
  • chocolate mousse cake
  • madeleine cookies
  • biscottis
  • croissant
  • danish roll
Hot food
  • holland fries
  • croissant rendang
  • spaghetti marinara, bolognese or sausages

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes

Had a great time at Paddington House of Pancakes at Queensbay after a satisfying shopping spree...
My friend had this Strawberry Pancake; layered with luscious peaches and those sweet strawberries..We could also top with some honey to dulcified the pancakes...;p

I like this Banana Pancakes. It has those slices of sweet bananas that combines with some shredded coconut which are a bit salty..It was mouth watering...believe me.
We can do the same thing; we can pour some honey on it as well..If you want something extra...