Sunday, March 17, 2013

CSR project 3# by responsible blogging-Penang Shan Children’s Home Association

Last home to visit for the day for CSR project by responsible blogging is the Penang Shan Children’s Home Association.

Penang Shan Children’s Home (PSCH) began as a dream and initiative of Dr. S Balakrishnan in the year 2005. This is a non-religious and a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of orphans, neglected children, dysfunctional families and single parents. The home was built and officially launched on 14th December 2008 by Madam Chan Siew Har. PSCH’s mission is to maximize the attractive opportunities that are stored in the children; to make something happen; to change the ways that things are and to create something that no one else has ever created before for the children, to explore for opportunities; to provide guidance and course correction; maintaining focus on being consistent and persistent.

One of the objective is to provide all the children with a safe and supportive environment. The focus will be on the development of physical, mental, emotional, educational, social and recreational skills that will create awareness to structure and mould the child’s future. The longer term development includes the options that are available for the child’s future, supporting them to complete the tertiary education preferably to University level. For those who are unable to complete the basic education, they would be trained in developing their skills by educating them in skill training centers.

To help this home, you could:
1.     Adopt-A-Child Program
The average monthly expenditure per child amounts to RM400. This includes lodging, education, meals, transportation and pocket money. Interested members of the public can contact the home.

2.    Donation
The home solely depends on donation to meet the relatively high running cost. They would be very grateful members of the public or private companies can step forward to contribute a one-off or monthly fixed donation. Interested entity can contact the home.

Other Information:
Penang Shan Children’s Home Association
679-D, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2292186 / 016-4127711
Fax: 04-2292186

CSR project #2 by Responsible Blogging- the Children's Proctection Society

Next visit home after the Ramakrishna Ashrama is the Children’s Protection Society.
The Children’s Protection Society (CPS) began as an initiative of Dato’ Nazir Ariff when he was President of the Rotary Club in Penang (1991). The immediate objective is to provide children at risk with a safe, supportive and conducive environment (Shelter). Their concerned and focused areas include the emotional and physical development, education, social and recreational skills. At the same time, CPS aims to work with parents and other family members, so that the child can eventually be reunited with his/her family. In the pipeline, they hope to support projects to enhance community-based facilities for childcare and development in areas where such facilities are lacking. They also try to promote a more general awareness of the issues relating to children at risk by being involved in training and discussions. Hence they work together with various government and non-government organizations to help to develop longer-term strategies and goals. 

A few method to help the Children’s Protection Society:
    Learning and Tuition is always needed - many of our children have missed a substantial    
    amount of school due to their backgrounds, and often find it difficult to catch up with school 
    work. If you are prepared for the extra challenges which many of our children face, and are 
    prepared to commit a regular time a week (can be anything from an hour up).

 Talk to any of our staff if you are interested to sponsor a child

If you want to make a financial donation, please send cheques (payable to Children's 
Protection Society Pulau Pinang) to CPS at 118-A Jalan Scotland, 10450 Penang. CPS is a 
registered charity home with the Welfare Department so donations will be tax-exempt.

CPS organizes many activities for the children, staff and volunteers. We welcome  
sponsorship of specific activities. Give us a call if you have any ideas of your own, or would  
like to hear from us on what sort of activities you could sponsor.

Other Information:
Children’s Protection Society Pulau Pinang
118-A Jalan Scotland, 10450 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-8294046
Fax: 04-8294046

Saturday, March 16, 2013

CSR project#1 by Responsible Blogging- The Ramakrishna Ashrama

There’s an event on 3rd Feb 2013 organized by a responsible blogging to pay visits to the homes as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibilty(CSR) project. About 40 bloggers and public people visited the Ramakrishna Ashrama went to distribute food, beverages and gadgets, sponsored by various commercial entities. The event is made possible by Crowdpot Sdn Bhd (Event Organizer), Ninetology Malaysia, SUBWAY® (Suntech, iAvenue, & Leith Street branches), Chatime Malaysia, Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. and Alextan Artworks. I would like to thank Criz Lai for sharing the information and photos as i was not there on the actual day but was invited to blog about this meaningful events. 

The Ashrama runs an orphanage, catering for both boys and girls with ages ranging from 6 to 20 years old. The orphanage admits needy orphaned children who are poor and need the help from the society to assist them with basic needs and education. The children in the home are given proper education and are well cared for so that they will grow up to be useful citizens. Besides education, the girls learn traditional dancing, cooking and housekeeping. Children excelling well academically are encouraged to pursue higher education.

I would like to thank Criz Lai for sharing the information and photos as i was not there on the actual day but was invited to blog about this meaningful events. We could help Ramakrishna Ashrama by a few ways:
    The estimated cost to support a child at Ramakrishna Ashrama RM1,500 per annum. The    
    breakdown cost is as follows.
    Education: RM500
    Food: RM600 
    Maintenance: RM300
    Miscellaneous: RM100

2. Donation:    
     Donation to The Ramakrishna can be done only via CIMB Cares (

A child with either no parents or with a single parent who supports the child can be admitted to the Ashrama under the following circumstances:
-          He/She is from age 6 and above.
-          The parent or relatives has no means of supporting the child.
-          The child has been mistreated or abused.
   (Referred by the Jabatan Kebajikan Negeri or community leaders)

Other Information:
The Ramakrishna Ashrama
No 37, Jalan Scotland, 10450 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2270869
Fax: 04-2278921

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicago Rib House, Gurney Plaza

Since i saw there's a promotion on the evoucher, i bought it and give it a try.
We had the Pork Rib, their signature dish.
The grilled rib with BBQ sauce. It was overall quite flavorsome.
The presentation of the dish was not as expected; as it comes with the salad which is only cabbages and a little of mayonnaise in the small plastic container on the plate...
The Menu.....
 The soup was served in a tiny little cup, it was too spicy that feels like burning the throat. Too much pepper in the soup. It was served with a carbonated drink as well.
The promotion was rm56 for 2 pax. Yes, although quite worth it but i would say they need to make the soup a little bigger bowl and less spicy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mirrors Georgetown

Lately there have been many posts on the photos of the Murals painting on the wall at Georgetown area.
Thus, I went to join my friends for cycling and hunt for the 6 Murals of Georgetown.

Last Saturday,7 July was the Georgetown Heritage Day.
Found information about the artist behind all this. It was the art trails of a young Lithuanian artist named Ernest Zacharevic. It all begins with the inspiration of Ernest Zacharevic towards Penang city heritage and culture.Featuring his artwork “Mirrors Georgetown” around Heritage zone at Cannon Street, ,Muntri Street, Armenian Street, Chew Jetty and several other places in town.
Photo of Ernest Zacharevic below that found from other sources in the websites.

I was all excited about cycling/ It has been long since I cycled.
Had a great morning. Before that we had a short discussion on our whereabout of our morning route.

We started our journey from Campbell Street. Our first stop at Cannon Street, there’s this boy ‘Reaching Up’ to peep on something???! 

Next stop is the "Little Children on a Bicycle" at Armenian Street.

We continue our ride to the Chew Jetty.  This is where the "Murals of the Children on a Boat"...lucky thing, it was still early, thus not many people are there...We were enjoying ourselves there...:)

Next we had our breakfast time at Cannon Street before we depart to our next destination. 

The Wantan Noodles was a bit too salty for me. 
After 20 minutes break, we continue our ride journey to the 4th Mural.
"Boy on a Bike" and the Little boy with Dinasour, his pet at the Ah Quee Street.

Headed to the 5th Mural..."The Old Man"....
Our final 6th Mural - "The Little Girl in Blue" at Muntri Street...

David Brown Restaurant, Penang Hill

I was having a fruitful great weekend with my friends...
I was having my 1.5 hours hike from Botanical Garden up to Penang Hill, we had a wonderful breakfast at David Brown Restaurant.

Nice view:

The kids are happily enjoying their time there too....
There comes our hi-tea set...There were sandwiches, scones, apple pies and some baguette with ham.... 

The dining area inside David Brown restaurant...

It's a great place if you would like to overview Penang. It has the Lounge where you may enjoy your cocktail or wine while enjoying the panaroma view of Penang island...the relish appreciation of the nature...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wu Jia Chinese Cuisine; Penang

For those who would like to try Chinese dishes, you can try this at Pekaka area, Sungai Dua...
This shop used to be a vegetarian shop. Now it has taken over by Wu Jia Chinese Cuisine.

The recommended dish by the chef is their Curry Prawn..
And we had a try, u know's simply delicious...!! The price is quite reasonable, only RM30.00, medium portion.

The next yummy dish is the Nutmeg chicken coated with mayonnaise.
They marinated the chicken meat with nutmeg. Then, deep fried it and coat it with mayonnaise. The chicken meat is tender and the coating is just thick enough.

We ordered Asparagus stir fried with garlic. It was a simple and a good dish.

Next dish was quite special. It's ...Fish cook with yam in a claypot...

The stir-fried vegetables with century eggs...

the Omelette with carrot and spring onions....

This is the broccoli with mushrooms..


11, Lebuh Pekaka 1, Gelugor, Penang 11700

Chinese Restaurant, Coffee Shop