Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trip to Pulau Aman

It was a year ago that a group of us would want to go over to Pulau Aman. Finally, i went there last weekend. We depart from the Jetty around 1030am. At first i thought we had missed the boat as i have checked the website the boat to Pulau Aman timing is 10am and the next trip is 1pm. And the thing is that the shcedule we saw from website was referring to weekdays.
For weekend, the trip will depends on the crowd.
We jumped into the boat..to our surprises when about to reach Pulau Aman, we saw that there was a school there, namely Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Aman. And it was quite a big building though.

Once reached Pulau Aman Jetty, we started to find ways to go around this small village. And it seems it has been a local spot now. They have this nicely printed map just on the pathway after the jetty towards the village.
We start our morning walk along the way; taking photographs. We are enjoying ourselves there. Having a feel of living in villages. There were small atap houses, small mini market, many houses where they do business as well-it became a coffee shop and also area where they prepare lunch for big families among them-there were big pots and pans and also big wok...

Along the pathway, we saw this nice atap houses. Here we saw a few teenagers resting in the houses, while we were having a good time taking nice photos...

Besides that, we saw some polytechnic school students had some activity there. They were having this process of removing the 'siput'...quite interesting and of course, be prepare your hand to be dirty and it sure stinks as well...:)

We found this area where people catch clams...
And what we did, we had a nice jumping shot here...hehe ;p

Then, after 1.5 hours of walking and jumping, we searched for our Mee Udang...
To our surprises, it was full house...We had to stand around tables to grab our seats..
After about 15minutes, we got our seats..and there we go, we had our order taken...

Here came our Mee Udang...Look quite nice but it was a very small portion...Only 3 pieces of the prawns and little portion of the noodles...
We ordered additional Koay Teow Goreng to share..It was quite yummy also..
This followed by a soothing coconut water...the young coconut flesh was nice though..having our great time there...
No worries on the boat ride as there have more rides during the weekend...

And after a satisfying lunch there, we headed back to the jetty..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Portofino Western Cuisine at Batu Feringhi

My friend recommend us to try out the lunch at Portofino, Batu Feringhi.
The entrance to this Portofino is just before the Tarbush Restaurant. Turn in to the entrance just before the Tarbush board. There's ample car park lots inside.

It was quite a niceplace though as we can view the beach side and also enjoying the sea breeze while dining there.
Chicken Kebab with the specialty rice...
Grilled Chicken with French fries and Salad..
The below is Beef Kebab..
It has various sauces. I like the Spicy Mint sauce and the Tamarind Sauce. It goes well with the Chicken Kebab and also the Grilled Chicken.

We enjoyed the sitting there enjoying chit chatting and watching all those sports activities by the beach. There's banana boat ride, jet skiing, parasailing....

You may enjoy leisure time with your friends for a drink during the night time after a brisk walk along the Night market at Batu Feringhi..

CSL Unveils World’s First Transformers Phone

Many people are excited when the movie “Transformers:Dark of the Moon” going to release. Spice CSL has grab the opportunity and are creative to release their CSL DS700 new model featuring three famous transformers: Optimus Prime, Megatron and the cute Bumblebee.

With the launching of the CSL new handphone models at the roadshow at Queensbay Mall Penang on the 9th July 2011, i had a great pleasure to be invited by Criz to attend the product review together with the other 19 bloggers.

DS700 model has 3 colours representing the transformer; Red (Optimus Prime), Grey (Megatron) and Yellow (Bumble bee). Each comes with its limited edition Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon tin box, pre-loaded with character themes and some of the movie trailer, wallpaper of its own and special ringtone pre-loaded in the handphone. As we know Transformer do transformed when necessary, and no doubt DS700 can transformed too..It can transformed with just a simple swap of the keypad bar.

Mediatek’s MT6253 which is one of the most integrated chip in the market for mobile communication is equipped in this DS700 model, supporting the camera and also the audio AMP.

Those who are looking for a basic yet simple handphone can consider this model DS700. The recommended retail price is rm499.

There's a sms contest available upon purchase. Click here.


*GSM 900/1800 MHz

*Display : 2.4” QVGA

*Size: 93 X 51 X 13mm (PDA), 113 X 51 X 13mm (Bar)

*Weight : 72 g (PDA), 86 g (Bar)


*Battery : 950 mAh, Li-ion Battery

*Standby : Up to 200 hours (based on network)

*Talktime : Up to 4.5 hours (based on network)

*Color : Grey/Red/Yellow


*Dual SIM Dial Standby

*Full Touch and Bar Type Transformable

*It has extra feature with CSL Fun Club:

*Blueberry Apps


*Camera/FM Radio

*MP3/MP4 Player

*Bluetooth with A2DP

*Video/Sound Recorder

*T-Flash/MicroSD Card Expansion

*Multi Language

*Islamic Features(Azan,Kiblat, ‘Al-Quran’ optional)

We were invited to a Product Review at Austin Chase for another session. Here, we were given more information about CSL DS700 and introduction about Spice CSL.

Having known that Spice CSL is the only mobile phone manufacturer in Malaysia so far and it has expand it's manufacturing of producing handset and part production facility in Shenzen , China. Spice CSL had also expanded its business and set-up offices in Thailand, Singapore, Philipines, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Additional information about Mediatek Inc. This company is a pioneer and market leader in semiconductor for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions.

The below are the complete set of the CSL DS700.

We had a coffee break with nice Hazelnut Latte, Signature Black Chocolate, Strawberry Cream Frappe, Mocha Frappe, Long Black and Brew Coffee served with Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Thanks Criz for the information above.

More information for the CSL DS700 launching. You may overview the whole scene of the road show at queensbay mall. Do enjoy the videoclip taken by squaleret here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Butterworth Cafe

I was around Butterworth area and wonder where i can have a nice dinner. Make a call to my friend and she recommended me to go to this Butterworth Cafe.
Hard to find the cafe even though it's along the mainroad. We would target the St. Mark school as the landmark to find this cafe. It's next to the entrance of the St.Mark school.

First thing my friend did remind me to order the Tomato Soup, highly recommended by her.Yes, i agree with her..The tomato soup tasted really original, pure tomato which comes together with the garlic bread which was crispy hot..

I ordered the Chicken Maryland, one of their signature dish.
It was a good one...

My friend ordered the Grilled Salmon Fish dish..the black pepper sauce is nice though...
They do serves pasta, pizza and tiramisu cake...;)

As understood, this Butterworth Cafe was established since year 1958, and that time they used to have australian customers...
We can also book the cafe for a small event there or call for catering services as well...
It's has those classic environment...

Business Hours: 6:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. (Closed on Tuesday).
Butterworth Cafe
No.228, Bagan Lebai Tahir, 13 000 Butterworth.
Contact: 012- 577 1189 , 016- 443 2029