Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you are looking for vegetarian food, i would suggest you come to Quay Cafe.
The food here are quite good. The Laksa is delicious. Others dishes like the Nasi Lemak, Char Hor Fun are quite good too.

You can locate this Quay Cafe here:
2,Church Street Ghaut,
10300 Penang.Business hour: 11.00a.m. till 2.30p.m.
Closed on Saturday
Every 1st and 15th of Lunar Calendar, business hour is 11.00a.m. till 8.30p.m.

Contact number: +012-403 6659

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Penang Food Heritage 2011

Thanks to Vin for inviting me to join the Penang Heritage Food Trail 2011 which is organized by It's been a pleasure to be in it.
We get to explore the Penang novel restaurant within Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Moreover, I had the chance to meet other penang bloggers there as well.
We get to dine and taste their dishes.
And the more excited part is there were reality game show where we need to dare other participants to earn points. The one who has the most points will get the HTC Wildfire S.

I do enjoyed our dining at both restaurants as i only joined at one of the episode. For more details about our experience, please refer to my previous posts about Cafe 55 and Nolstagie.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nolstagie Cafe and Boutique Hotel, Penang

The next station for the Penang Heritage Food trails is the Nolstagie Cafe & Boutique Hotel, along Stewart Lane as well. It is within the project George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It was good that they reburbish the building while preserving the heritage kinda structure that Penang is famous for as 'Penang Heritage City'. It has those neo-classical architecture that resembles the origin of the Pearl of Orient.

It was a great concept of business that it has Restaurant and Hotel rooms on the top floor. This is convenient for their hotel guests to enjoy good food as well.
The ambience is definately resembles the classic old houses; indeed it's a nice place to bring friends or family members for chit-chatting.

It has another corner with some comfy chairs at the second living hall. It has also an open-air in the center of the house as to ensure good air circulation around the house.

Pizza Chicken and Feto RM28.
It is thin crust with basil pesto,cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and feta cheese.

This is Chicken and Basil Pesto Fettuccine RM21. Its cooked with virgin olive oil. Additionally it is served with pan-fried chicken breast and some cherry tomatoes.

The pizza has lotsa topping with the fresh shrimps. Its filled with mozzarella, tomato sauce and tops with some fresh basil leaves.
Prawns and Chilis RM30.

Spaghetti Marinara with Prawns RM24.
Capturing my interest was the pan-fried fresh prawns that are cooked with marinara sauce and topped with cheese. You might wonder what is marinara sauce. It is a southern Italian tomato sauce which the ingredient are usually the tomatoes, garlic, herbs and onion.

It is satisfying to have the meal with chilled juice, such as the Cranberry Longan RM9.

For coffee lover, you may order the Iced Café Latte RM7. They do have others as well, likewise the Espresso Double Shot, Capuccino, Iced Mocha. If you like the local coffee, they do have the Kopi O and the White Coffee to be served either hot or cold.

Most of us will wait for the best part, the dessert. We had their mastery recipe of the Carrot Cake filled with toasted walnuts and raisins, coated with cream cheese frosting.
Come and feel the ambience yourself.

The address:
Address: 34 Lorong Stewart, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone : 604-2610977
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm (close on Thursdays)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Coffee Atelier : 55 Cafe & Restaurant at Stewart Lane

I was one of the lucky one to be able to join the Penang Heritage Food Trail. We had a great chance to have our food review at the Coffee Atelier situated at Stewart Lane. I had wanted to try the meal at this café which used to be known as Kopi Cine before this ; when I passed by during the Canon Marathon last year.

I had a great start on my Saturday lunch, being greeted by the organizer Vin Lim and of course the friendly lady boss from Hong Kong named Lorita. We were brief first by the Outlet Manager, John about the Coffee Atelier origin.

One must be wondering why is it name as Atelier? What does it mean? It defines the french words for workshop. This relates to the collection of the 5 interlinked shophouses which ranges from Cafe to Coffee Museum to Art Gallery and Boutique Hotel. this Coffee Atelier was bought over by the Gehrig’s couple, Stefan Gehrig & Lorina. The idea is indeed a good concept of preserving the Penang heritage culture.

When we step in 55 Café & Restaurant, I had a homey feeling as if I’m back to my old house. Mediterranean dishes were serves here.

First of all, we had our Appetizer of the Cold Cut Platter consist of the fresh salami, French ham, smoked pork rib eye, meat balls as the main ones, with some side dishes of the pickles and some bread to eat with. The slices of the salami and ham were cut just at the right thickness for the bread bites.

Next is the Cheese platter. Those who are familiar with cheese will know. It has Gruyer, Emmentaler, Brie and Gorgonzola. This normally comes together with pickles and bread as well.

A nice corner for chit chatting.

Of course, never forget the Spanish dish, Tapas. They serves Cold and Hot Tapas. This time we tried the Hot Tapas called Gambas Aljillo. It has big fresh shrimp cooked with turmeric, dried chillis and thin slices of garlic, sprinkled with some bean sprout on top. It was somewhat I would describe as delectable. You should try, it’s sure a mouth watering dish. RM16

And also the Albondigas con Salsa de Tomato. A mouthful of the pork meatball gives a tantalizing taste of satisfaction. Good combination with some white raddish and peppery as the toppings. This costs RM13.

Next one is called Gambas Capane. It's was crispy bread wrapped with shrimp which gives a zesty feeling.

Grilled Eggplant could be a favourite dish for those who like brinjals. It’s flavoured with some basils and some slight spicy taste at the end.

Next is the strong tasting of the Champignons which are stewed with whole piece of Garlics and tomato sauce.

Pastas pastas is next. We had the Carbonara Spaghetti filled with bacon, mushroom egg and parmesan cheese. I bet you, with just the first mouthful, you could feel the tasteful creamy feeling. It’s just lip-smacking…and the price is reasonable, just RM24.

Next is the Aglio Olio Spaghetti which served with smoked salmon, extra virgin olive oil , some garic chips and parsley. The fresh salmon gives the extra point for this.

The next unique one is called Al Gorgonzola Penne with Rucola salad and mini tomatoes. It’s quite a rich pasta dish with the more known as the blue cheese in the sauce. It’s quite worth to try with some extra gain on the calories. However, not to worry, you could order this as a sharing for maybe 4 pax.

Good choice for vegetarian, you may order Siciliana Spaghetti. It’s cooked with Eggplant, onions,basils in tomato sauce, with some parmesan cheese on the top.

They do serves varieties of Coffees, Tea and other beverages.

We had a try on their Long Black, Café Latte, Café Mocha. It was aromatic.

They do serves the signature coffee from Kim Guan Coffee beans as well.

Accompanying with savory desserts are the best.

Pudding with Apple filling.

We are pleased to have a tour around the boutique hotel as well.
The Cafe is number 55, then the Coffee Museum at 53, Art Gallery at 51 and for 49 & 47 are the Boutique Hotel.

For more information, you may log in to:
Coffee Atelier
47-55 Lorong Stewart
10300 Penang
Contact number: +604 261 2261

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SiTigun at Nagore Street, Penang

After having a great time by the pool, we went to Si Tigun for a coffeebreak. I just knew that it moved to another shop in the same street. Now, it's situated directly opposite the Continental Bakery.

I like SiTigun concept they have with those wooden chairs n tables. I have the feeling of having a nice coffee in those old classic has those distinctive architecture of the Peranakan culture.
You will sure feel relax and it's a great choice if you would like to have a nice place for friends or even family members for a good chitchat place...
Moreover, the lady boss were very friendly and the waiter are quite alert upon attending to our requests.

Our initial intention is to have the Tiramisu cake here. But, to our disapointment, the last Tiramisu cake was reserved by their customer...

However, they have nice coffee brew as well. I had the Cappuccino, so aroma..
We wouldn't want to miss any good cakes SiTigun serves there.
Thus, we ordered the Chocolate Mousse and also the Apple Pie with Vanilla ice-cream.
The Apple pie was so origin, it has a lot of apple fillings in it. The pastry was a bit crispy and hard mixed with the soft apple filling...It was a splendid combination with warm pie and cool ice-cream..Yum yum :p

I will sure go again for the Tiramisu cake on my next visit to SiTigun.

Found this from their website, their motto :
'A cup of coffee is a cup of culture. A cup of respect. A cup of love.'

They do serves food and drinks like :

  • espresso
  • cappuccino
  • café au lait / latte
  • coffee mocca
  • crash coffee (known as kopi toebroek in Indonesia or Turkish)
  • siTigun regular coffee (robusta)
  • siTigun ice blended coffee (known as Sicilian ice blended coffee)
  • clay-pot tea (known as teh poci in Indonesia)
  • jasmine tea
  • fresh squeezed orange or apple juice
  • gujahe (traditional Javanese ginger tea with palm sugar)

Fresh from oven(homemade):

  • tiramisu(original recipe)
  • chocolate mousse cake
  • madeleine cookies
  • biscottis
  • croissant
  • danish roll
Hot food
  • holland fries
  • croissant rendang
  • spaghetti marinara, bolognese or sausages

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes

Had a great time at Paddington House of Pancakes at Queensbay after a satisfying shopping spree...
My friend had this Strawberry Pancake; layered with luscious peaches and those sweet strawberries..We could also top with some honey to dulcified the pancakes...;p

I like this Banana Pancakes. It has those slices of sweet bananas that combines with some shredded coconut which are a bit salty..It was mouth watering...believe me.
We can do the same thing; we can pour some honey on it as well..If you want something extra...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trip to Pulau Aman

It was a year ago that a group of us would want to go over to Pulau Aman. Finally, i went there last weekend. We depart from the Jetty around 1030am. At first i thought we had missed the boat as i have checked the website the boat to Pulau Aman timing is 10am and the next trip is 1pm. And the thing is that the shcedule we saw from website was referring to weekdays.
For weekend, the trip will depends on the crowd.
We jumped into the our surprises when about to reach Pulau Aman, we saw that there was a school there, namely Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Aman. And it was quite a big building though.

Once reached Pulau Aman Jetty, we started to find ways to go around this small village. And it seems it has been a local spot now. They have this nicely printed map just on the pathway after the jetty towards the village.
We start our morning walk along the way; taking photographs. We are enjoying ourselves there. Having a feel of living in villages. There were small atap houses, small mini market, many houses where they do business as well-it became a coffee shop and also area where they prepare lunch for big families among them-there were big pots and pans and also big wok...

Along the pathway, we saw this nice atap houses. Here we saw a few teenagers resting in the houses, while we were having a good time taking nice photos...

Besides that, we saw some polytechnic school students had some activity there. They were having this process of removing the 'siput'...quite interesting and of course, be prepare your hand to be dirty and it sure stinks as well...:)

We found this area where people catch clams...
And what we did, we had a nice jumping shot here...hehe ;p

Then, after 1.5 hours of walking and jumping, we searched for our Mee Udang...
To our surprises, it was full house...We had to stand around tables to grab our seats..
After about 15minutes, we got our seats..and there we go, we had our order taken...

Here came our Mee Udang...Look quite nice but it was a very small portion...Only 3 pieces of the prawns and little portion of the noodles...
We ordered additional Koay Teow Goreng to share..It was quite yummy also..
This followed by a soothing coconut water...the young coconut flesh was nice though..having our great time there...
No worries on the boat ride as there have more rides during the weekend...

And after a satisfying lunch there, we headed back to the jetty..