Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar at Straits Quay Penang-Part 2

This time we get to tried the german way of preparing pizza. It's the traditional alsatian flammkuchen, the original taste they had is sour cream and onions without mozzarella cheese.

Indeed it does satisfy our appetite, with some lightly marinated curried chicken cubes. The combination comes with a very thin hand tossed crust.

To accomodate some of the local people here, they so served pizza with an italian touch. Toppings are the same except it uses homemade tomato paste as the base with mozzarella cheese.

They prepared their new recipes which are not in their menu yet at this moment. It's our pleasure that we get the taste of it.
It's the Herb Sausage and Chili Sausage....a zesty flavoursome i would say..
The sausages were made using sheep casing which gives a compatible level of toothsome with the fresh pork which blend well with herbs. The rich aroma of the whole combination gives the satisfaction i'm looking for..And remember to eat it while it's HOT...!! It does make the difference..

After 1 bite...see...yummy yummy..

And to accomodate most of the Asian taste which most of us would prefer spicy stuff...thus, here comes the Chili sausages..Had the first bite, and you could feel the zesty hot taste in your tongue....however, the aroma of the meat and herbs are still there...

Next we enjoyed the Erdinger Weissbier. I've understood that Erdinger does call itself the world's largest wheat beer brewery. It's widely available and popular across Germany and the European Union.
I do enjoyed the Erdinger Weissbier, the fine and smooth taste of the beer is just splendid. Great to have this beer while having the sausages. It goes well...
The price is RM17.00++ (300ml) , RM29.00++ (500ml). Options: Tower or 2500ml is also available at RM135.00++

Lastly, the Dessert came..A good choice of dessert they have for us...
The Chocolate Mousse blended in VSOP for richness with Pear as the topping...
It's nice to eat it while it's chilled....superb dessert...

We had a great meal dining at Weissbräu...A Special thanks to Wayne and Denver for the hospitality..