Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Berlin Trip-Part 1

Our 2nd weekend, we went Berlin & this time we plan to stay overnight. A lesson learned for our Prague trip, we should have stayed overnight coz it was a rush one.
We were searching for information online for accommodation, and then finally I found one which situated very near to the Main Train station (Haupbahnhoft). Just walked out from the entrance & turn left, there you go, you’ll see the hotel just 5mins away. It's called the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof. And we are so lucky, they have promotions going on, so we grab it one night before we left to Berlin.

We headed to Berlin early in the morning, took a train from Dresden.
Our next door cabin; look at the shy lil' girl..

Bad sign, got frost already, means it's very very cold and a cloudy & a gloomy day...:(

Anyway, we enjoyed our train journey as well in the cabin...'Yam Seng' withe our yogurt drink..:p

After 2hrs then, we reached Berlin Main Train Station; it was huge. And i can even feel the coldness inside the train station...When we came out right from the main door, wow, the strong icy wind blew against our face..can feel the numbness in just a second...*shivering*

First thing first, we took a 1 day City Tour Hop On Hop Off Bus to go 1 round & then only we planned where to hang out later. Sad to say,this was also due to the check-in time is 3pm.
There’s several bus agent, so we surveyed the prices before we decided. Of course the higher price, there’ll be more stops;different by ~Euro2.50. So, it depends on you’re the spots you want to drop by… So, we decided to take Euro12.50 1 day trip.

Schloss-Bellevue- This immaculately-looking white neoclassical palace; situated very near the Tiergarten’s northwestern corner. This is the official residence of the German President.

100yrs old Garden... and it's very very big

Across the bridge panaroma view,

Berlin Mascot... It's everywhere...This is standing right in front of a Gallery..

The TV Tower; Fehsehtrum...

Potsdamer Platz area...Some funfair going on...

Checkpoint Charlie, a crossing point between East and West Germany during the Cold War.

Old train station- another 100yrs old

Then, after a 2hrs of sightseeing Berlin; we had an idea of where to drop by later.Thus,we check-in & had a very short break in our hotel room.It was a quite a new hotel & the interior was modern.

My room....The Single Bed Room was not as I expected, coz the room position & angle was weird. It looked so narrow. But the bed & bathroom were clean. So, can’t complain much, it was consider a budget hotel.

there we go, walked around Berlin now...
We passed by Madame Tussauds... on the way to Bradenburg Gate..

Bradenburg Gate... very crowded as today is a public holiday there...:)

Then, we decided to do some jumping shoots...
and guess what, other people around us started to jump too...Cheers.!!!

We even invite them do the jumping too...cool!!

The weather getting colder and colder...so, we headed to have something hot to drink & eat...
Found this Aroma Espresso Cafe...
Capuccino...my friend had this...

Hot chocholate(Schokolade) ..i had this one..it was nice...rich choc inside...

Sandwich, muffin & croissant...

The sandwich has Porkmeat with mayonaise,mustard,pickles & lettuce..Nice..:)

Next, we headed to TV Tower after our dinner..Coz during the Sightseeing tour, the person remind us that the food up there ain't good...;(

awaiting for our schedule time, my number were 3209...good system though..

It would be nice if the lighting up there were arrange in a way for people to capture nice view from there...this should be the best i can get..only a few shoots..
And, our Halloween nite at the Tower..:p

This Berlin TV Tower stands at 368m, the 2nd highest...

We saw our Menara Tower here too..See...So proud of it..:)

Walked passed Checkpoint Charlie,

On the way to Berlin wall,

Berlin Wall— A large stretch of intact Wall can be found to the east of the city center along the River Spree in Mühlenstraße near the Oberbaumbrücke. it's being fenced as well to preserve it from destroying it..Left only a piece here in this road...

We found most people in Berlin speaks English, so no worry if you get lost or you need to order something...;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prague Trip

Heard that Prague is a beautiful place & there we planned a short trip to Prague.We took a 2hrs train from Dresden to Prague for a day trip.

And there, here we go, our cabin in the train..Time flies as we really enjoyed the scenery along the way; it's beautiful.....:)

Tada...we reached Prague finally...Impressive, fabulous, that's what i can say..

Prague which also known as Praha, is the capital & largest city of Czech Republic. A beautiful city rich in history and lies in the heart of Europe. Yes it is true...It’s just so amazing with all the uniqueness of the art & sculptures with the ancient building around you.
It seems Prague is displaying a permanent showcase for outstanding performing artists and sympony orchestras at the city’s classical venues.
Besides that, the city also has many enlightening institution like museum, galleries & theatre.

We saw this Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Hall. Looking at it, it was fantastic. A huge crowd were there to take photos of it. And it seems every hour, there’s a procession of twelve Apostles & Death ringing the bells until a cock crows before they make a move from this unique clock. However, we missed it. A lower part of the tower is decorated by pictures of zodiac signs.

There’s also this Tyn Church which is a main church of the Old Town that was built in the 15th century in Gothic style. Its interior is Baroque. A well-known astronomer and star-gazer of Rudolph II. Tycho de Brahe is buried there.

We walked to an area & saw there’s a foodfair & liveband there. It’s should be a weekend event or something. There’s family get-together & youngster around, dancing & enjoying whilst the live band is playing the music. We went round to search for food there. Lotsa people queing up at almost every stalls, so we joined the crowd.

Then, we saw there’s Hard Rock Café & we went in to have a look & bought something from there.