Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mama's Nyonya@Lorong Abu Siti

This year Mother’s Day, my sister recommend to go to Mama’s Nyonya for dinner. The deco around the walls are those nyonya blouse, photos with popular designer like Jimmy Choo & S’porean star, Phua Chu Kang & others. The ambient was good, however there’s some small mistakes they made. My sister called in to book the day before Mother’s Day & all details were given to the person-in-charge; but it was not taken actually. Anyhow, the lady boss did asked for details while we did booking for her to investigate as they will improve on it. She even apologize & manage to get us a table. Overall, service was good & may need some improvement on taking more attention to customers when they need to be attended.
First, we were given an appetizer. It was Anchovies with Big Onion, ‘chili padi’ & mixed with sweet sour sauce. It was really appetizing. We finished it within seconds..:)

We ordered their famous Ayam Ros which the gravy has santan milk in it. The chicken are tender & gravy are delicious. The taste was just good enough, I would highly recommend you to try.
Next we have the Mango Kerabu Bok Nee. This dish look simple,colorful and taste as good as it is.

We ordered Sambal Sayur Rami, Otak-Otak as well. These 2 dishes were good as well. The sambal sayur rami dish was cooked with belacan and some prawns.

Next is the dish I like most, Chun Piah. It comes together with some special nyonya style sauce for us to dip in.
We really had a satisfying meal. Nice environment for chit chatting as well.
The boss were also friendly. He saw me taking photos & offered to take photos for us..
I would say those who like Nyonya food can give it try here.