Monday, August 16, 2010

Caffe Strada@Krystal Point@Penang

It's already in my plan to try out Caffe Strada after Alan send out the email on the short review on the Grand Opening of Caffe Strada on 11 June 2010.

And timing was good, Thanks to Alan & wife for the invitation for the review last weekend.

We were welcome by all the warm bloggers when we reached there. And i do felt comfy as the owner & the employees are friendly too.
This is important for customer to feel comfortable while dining. These days, most of the people would prefer to go for good service; besides of course to have delicious meals.

As explained from the owner, when they want to start this Caffe, the idea was to name it as 'Strada', which they would want Italian style kind of restaurant. Originally, Strada has a chain of Italian restaurants in the UK. The origin Strada restaurant do serves freshly prepared dishes using seasonal produce. The menu offers hand stretched pizzas, fresh pastas, risotto and grilled meat and fish dishes. That's how & why they name it 'Caffe Strada'.

This is the menu for the review:

First of all, the owner gave some welcoming speech & introduction.
There goes some snapshots of the dishes.

Start with the Appetizer:-Green Garden Salad. As explained by the owner, the salad sauce are special mixed by them.

This is nice.

Seafood Chowder in Bread Bowl..
The chowder does have the seafood taste; however the bread is super-hard for me..

Those like to try Asian meal, this Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice is recommended.
Yummy yummy, you could even taste the nice aroma of the salted fish even on the first scoop of the rice...and the combination with their signature BBQ Chicken Wing is nice...
moreover, we could dip the BBQ Chicken wing with the house special hot sauce.

It goes well with the chili sauce & it's quite spicy..and actually 1 piece of the chicken wing is not enough. You could actually order more, Caffe Strada's Fried Chicken Wing.2 pieces for RM5.90 & 4 pieces for RM9.90.

For Western dishes, I would recommend Mongolian Chicken & Grilled Butter Fish(refer to below photo).

Those who like a bit salty taste, you could try this Cheezy Grilled Chicken...

Club Sandwish..Those who just want some light snacks, you could try this.

The interior design of Caffe Strada is nice....Thanks to Allen for the nice photo..

Fluffy Hot Chocolate...

I would say that the chocolate is not so strong, not the usual hot choc we expect it to be..

However, we do asked the owner about their hot choc drink. He explained that the hot choc doesn't use powder form to mix the drink. They uses caramel syrup from DaVinci Gourmet; that's what make the difference. That is the origin taste.

Strawberry Kiss Frappes & Choc Banana Frappe...

For Frappes, i loves most is the Mango Frappes...


Quite nice..

I prefer the Cafe Latte..and not forgetting, a must order dessert 'Caffe Strada's Ice Coffee Slush' ;p

Thanks to the Alan again for the arrangement.I do enjoyed myself there.
Another half of the bloggers went off already. Left a few of us..

Caffe Strada is a nice cozy place for gathering for family & friends. I would recommend you all to go.