Sunday, January 30, 2011

Berlin's Bier Houz at Straits Quay, Penang

Since i saw some post about it about a few months ago. We decided to have Wilson's birthday at Berlin Bier Houz at Straits Quay in January 2011...hehe..backdated post as i was kinda busy recently...

So, Here are the meals that we ordered there.
We ordered German Fries...however, the sauce seems to be a little more to Indian style curry i guess this somehow need to adapt a bit of Malaysian taste somehow.
The sausage set..look tempting huh..Yes, indeed it's delicious..

The Burger could order this ala carte as snack as this is not a big portion.
Look at the Pork Burger...
Berlin's Specialty Pork- the sauce is a mixture of sweet and sour. The sauce is the specialty for this dish.

Besides dining there, it's quite a cool place for chit chatting & can play snooker or play darts there while having some nice beer...:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Great Christmas & A Happy New Year 2011@Hatyai

This year i celebrated my Christmas & New Year 2011 with my friends at Hatyai.
There we could see Pink & Red Christmas trees around, but surely no White Christmas trees.
It's quite happening here as we could see lots of the local people dressed up for the celebration especially at the city area. You could see people took photographs with the X'mas trees as to have a vivid memory of the joyful celebration of X'mas.
A never missed thing to do in Hatyai is Shopping!!!
We had a great bargain while shopping & of course the spicy and sour Thai food..

Some nice food we had there...
We have a nice Koay Chiap at the Night Market.
Pork Knuckle, i like it too...this is from a restaurant.

Night time on 30 December 2010, they had special event for New Year 2011.
The road in front of Lee Garden was closed for vehicle.
Could see people partying on the road, having so much fun...
Cool!! Along the way, we were offered to put note on the Welcoming New Year 2011 Board.I put mine there. So does my friend,Meiyi.

Happy New Year 2011...!!
And thanks to Janice & Meiyi for the camera & photos..:)

Thaiglico products,Thailand

Just something to share with you all. My friend recommended me to these snacks whilst shop around Hatyai. There were salty & sweet types. It's nice to eat during our teatime. The salty type sticks biscuits could accompanied with nice beer.

The price range per box is 200-230 Baht.
you could visit the website: