Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Got to know that there's this photography event organized by the Penang Butterfly farm.
Those who are into macro photography can join this...

Read about this event and looks like the prize is attractive.
Prizes are in cash. And it seems based on last year the prize given were more than RM6K.

It's divided into a few sessions:
Session 1 (23 Oct 2010) - Beetles, Reptiles, Invertebrates & Others
Session 2 (24 Oct 2010) - Phasmids, Mantises & Grasshoppers
Session 3 (30 Oct 2010) - Beetles, Reptiles, Invertebrates & Others
Session 4 (31 Oct 2010) - Phasmids, Mantises & Grasshoppers
Session 5 (6 Nov 2010) - Beetles, Reptiles, Invertebrates & Others
Session 6 (7 Nov 2010) - Phasmids, Mantises & Grasshoppers

Why not give it a try for those potential photographer?
You could logon to : http://butterfly-insect.com/register/photography.html

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crab Village Restaurant at Tanjung Bungah and Coffee Island@Gurney

My friend’s friend had this restaurant at Tanjung Bungah & we decided to have a try.
Their speciality are crab dish, we had it roasted. It was indeed very fresh, the crabmeat stuck to the shell.

It’s delicious…Next is the Prawn, we steamed & would like to taste the original taste, it was also

We had the fried squid, it’s a small portion only. It’s not crispy enough. Next, we ordered 1 plate of the fried fish. We finished it up quite fast though, coz' it's hot from the wok. 1 was not enough, we ordered another plate.

We had some Scotch Whisky whilst having the seafood..Wow, satisfied :p
Finally, before we left, we managed to take photo of the boss..

As the night is still young, we had our 2nd stop at the Coffee Island. It was crowded.

My friends had 1 round of beers, 1 bucket of Tiger beers. Imagine what will happen after taking liquor, then this soya drink, and then beer...
whilst I just had Hot chocolate..

We had some snacks too, potato wedges n Fried Wantan..

My friend's own recipe of the chili sauce which are added with pepper..Not so bad actually..;p

The Red Garden @ Leith Street

Had a try at this Red-Garden at Leith Street, recommendation by my aunt. The ambience was quite nice there, it has many different style of dishes. There are Japanese style, Western style, Philipino, Seafood, Chinese local food and lots more.
My mum & aunt chose the Japanese dish ‘ Saba Fish Rice Set’, it comes with the Jap style soup..It was quite good..My Aunt likes it..

My dad tried the Frog Porridge, the content of the frog meat was not much, maybe it’s a bit expensive, that’s why...However, it was kinda of too big portion for 1 pax. Would recommend to order 1 Claypot of the porridge for 2 pax at least.

I had the Filipino Style..opps cannot remember the name of the dish…the pork was a bit hard for me..would recommend to order chicken for the same sauce. The spaghetti has the elasticity, it’s not too hard nor soft..And the salad was indifferent from others, it has the breadcrumbs on it..

My 2 cousins had the Western Dishes, he ordered the Black Pepper Fish. It came with a plate of salad before the main meal came. The Dory Fish meat was tender. Quite nice & worth the price..

The Fried Oyster was OK.

We did ordered Loh Bak as well. When the seller came with the Loh Bak, he said to us ‘ My specialty Chili sauce sure delicious, if not nice you may return to me’. Wow! Haven’t met such a confident foodstall owner..However, when we all tried the Loh Bak & had a dip on the chili sauce..It was indeed special & a nice combination though. A bit spicy & it has sesame in the chili. You should try it..
They even have a website :
Address: No. 20, Leith Street, 10000 Penang, Malaysia